Facility Overview

DMC has state of art API manufacturing facility located in coastal city Sohar in Oman, capable of producing bulk volumes of antibiotic APIs. The manufacturing facility complies with global Regulatory guidelines and requirements of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and are designed in line with international health and regulatory agencies.

Key features of the facilities include:

• Plant located in a 10 acre industrial layout. Currently the facility & buildings occupy only 25% of the space.
• Intermediate blocks with Reactors, Multiple dedicated Class 100,000 (ISO-8) Clean rooms to produce bulk volumes of Cephalosporin APIs
• cGMP followed in the entire plant area with all SOPs in place and being implemented from day one of starting operations
• All the statutory licenses including Fire safety, usage of Volatile solvents like Methanol in place
• Multiple dedicated Class 100,000 (ISO-8) Clean rooms to produce bulk volumes of Cephalosporin APIs.
• Multiple SS and MS GL Reactors with different capacities i.e., 0.5 KL to 5 KL
• Capable of handling broad spectrum of reactions and wide range of process parameters.
• Modern Quality Control laboratory comprises of Chemical-physical parameters and microbial testing
• cGMP and ISO 9001, OHSAS and EMS compliant facility
• Manufacturing base typically consists of high value and high volume facility.
• Ware house, with segregation of spaces for low temperature and room temperature.
• All the utilities are built keeping in view the requirements for future expansion

These features ensure an effective structural methodology at workplace which includes manufacturing of quality products, rational and effective use of available resources, minimization of waste along with good safety and hygiene standards.
Safety aspects have been given utmost importance, in all aspects including plant installation, equipment, systems and trained personnel to ensure smooth productivity. Combination of a dedicated team and world class production techniques guarantee delivery of products to customers across the globe.

Production Facilities

Facility is equipped with all kinds of modern process equipment with various capacities.
• Glass Line Reactors
• SS Reactors
• Centrifuges
• Tray Driers
• Vacuum Tray Driers
• Blender
• Rotocone Vacuum Driers
• Multi-mills
• Sifters
• Micronizers etc.

Quality Control Laboratory (QC)

We have a dedicated Quality control laboratory within the premises with the following instruments.
• GC (Head Space)
• Polarimeter
• UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
• Stability Chambers
• Muffle Furnace
• KF Titrator
• Incubators

Engineering Block

We have self reliant in-house engineering block to provide uninterrupted utilities to manufacturing facility. Engineering block comprises of below utility systems.
Utility Capacity
• Boiler 2 Tons per Hour
• Diesel Generator 275 KVA
• Chilled water (+5 deg) 133 Tons per Hour
• Chilled Brine (-15 deg) 66 TR
• Nitrogen generator
• Air generator
• HVAC Systems

Purified water system

Water is one of the critical factor in pharmaceutical products manufacturing. We have self reliant in-house Purified water generation, storage, distribution (looping ) system with a capacity of 5000 LPH to cater manufacturing requirements.

Solvent Recovery Plant

We are committed to impart robust, cost-effective and non-hazardous processes by recovery and reuse of organic solvents. Our in-house automated Solvent Recovery Plant comprises of 7000 L capacity of multiple vessels and 10 to 14 mtr distillation columns to cater product dedicated solvent recovery systems.

Effluent Treatment Plant

We believe that environmental management is one of its highest corporate priorities and conducts all aspects of our business operations as responsible stewards of the environment. In-house 50 KLD Zero-discharge effluent treatment plant to treat process wastes.